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Ad Hoc/Working Groups/Task Forces Committee

The board may also organize special, or ad hoc, groups for specific purposes and for limited duration. These working groups are made up of board members (and may also include non-board members) who volunteer or who are appointed by the President or Chair of the board. These bodies will usually carry out their assigned functions, make recommendations to the entire board, and disband.

Examples of Committee Bodies

Outreach/Membership Task Force creates and implements recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership or broad community engagement. This committee may be a standing or ad hoc group/task force, depending on the needs of the organization. A Membership Task Force might work for 4-months on an annual membership drive, celebrate success, and come back the next year to do it again. This is typically a good way to involve non-board volunteers in a meaningful project with a beginning, middle, and end.

Strategic Planning

A Strategic Planning Task Force would be convened when an organization wants to engage in a strategic planning process. This task force would be responsible for keeping the planning process on task and updating the board. After the adoption of a plan, it’s possible that a different group of people will oversee the implementation of the plan, so the strategic planning task force would end and a new Implementation Task Force would be convened for this next phase.

Committee Members

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Committee Objectives

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